All Star Pro Golf Shop


All Star Pro Golf was founded in 1957 by Clark W. Holthaus. An avid golfer, Holthaus began selling clubs from his barber shop. Due to inexperience, his inventory reached business threatening levels so Clark took to the roads of Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota, selling his equipment to golf courses.

So successful was he, that he established relationships with Chicago golf manufacturers Northwestern, Ram, and Allied to supply his new found demand. He continued to expand his sales routes and eventually spent winters in Florida where he applied the same marketing strategy.

Nat Rosasco, CEO of Northwestern Golf Co. once said that Mr. Holthaus sold more Northwestern Equipment than all Northwestern sales reps combined. Very impressive when you consider that until the 1980’s Northwestern was the largest golf company in the world.

Today, All Star Pro Golf has become the golf industry’s premier accessory company. The company’s sales staff boasts multiple PGA Professionals who bring valued insight to assist our customers. We are proud to have become a dominate supplier of Golf Tees, Pencils, Spikes, Grips, and other accessories.

Current operations include one of the industry’s largest pencil factories enabling us to provide thousands of golf courses with exceptional pricing. You may have seen our factory featured on The Golf Channel’s show, In Play with Jimmy Roberts as part of their feature, Golf Detective Matty Blake.

Company Headquarters are located in Spencer, Iowa with Sales and Marketing offices located in Iowa’s capital city of Des Moines..