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Perfect Prox Marker

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Making the Pro’s life easier! This truly is the Perfect Proximity marker. No more paper cards to contend with. No more problems in the rain or wind. No more searching for pencils. The Perfect Prox saves you time and hassle.

We have produced this proximity marker for the last two years and through market research it outweighs any other proximity marker on the market today.

Featuring a Lexan writing surface, rust proof aluminum stake, and steel chain attached pencil that even writes in wet weather. When the day’s through, all you do is wipe it off and start again! Writing area is 7 3/4 X 5 3/4 inches. Overall height is 2 feet. Replacement pens and lead refills available.

Perfect Prox is available two ways. Standard, with the All Star Pro Golf logo, or personalized with your club’s one or multi color logo! For a small investment, try 6 and see why over 10,000 are being used at courses all across the country!